Home Valuation

Your home's value has changed since you bought. Do you know how much it it's worth today?
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How much money could you borrow to purchase a home? Learn now. 
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Informal conversations don't mean you're forced to work with me. Feel free to reach out!
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The feeling of "home" is different for everyone. 

A few things that remind me of home are bicycles, the smell of coffee, and late afternoon sun shining through an open window. 

No matter what "home" means to you -- I'll help you find it. 
"Tiffany is a true gem in the real estate world. Her fresh and incredibly enthusiastic commitment to home sales and purchases is unparalleled. I have met and interacted with HUNDREDS of real estate agents, and Tiffany is genuinely the most sincere and committed. Her goal is your happiness and she understands the magnitude the purchase or sale of your home makes on your personal finance goals. She is new to the real estate world, but her fund of knowledge is at the level (and surpasses in most cases) the most seasoned and experienced agents. You will not be disappointed!!!"
Dr. Lance Chapman